Sep 252014

Cover for Amy Alkon's Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say Fuck. Plain white cover with black and red text above a silverware setting of a knife, spoon, and fork. The fork's middle tine is longer than the rest, so it's flipping the bird.Library Journal: Solid psychology and a wealth of helpful knowledge and rapier wit fill these pages. Highly recommended. The main problem with etiquette books is that the people who need them don’t read them. Alkon, who writes the award-winning syndicated column “Ask Amy,” not only tells readers what good manners are but also provides useful suggestions for politely calling offenders’ attention to their rudeness. And she does this in a ferociously funny style–it’s worth a read for the laughs alone. There is nothing here of the proper arrangement of table settings, nor of how to address a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury; rather Alkon deals with modern problems in interpersonal relationships, such as how civilized people should act when standing in lines, on airplanes, online and elsewhere. In addition, she offers very dependable, sensible, caring advice to those whose friends or family are coping with terminal illness.