May 252015

Cover for Letters to Zell by Camille Griep. A graphic art silhouette of a far off city surrounded by roses and thorns, a fair flying in the foregroundBooklist: Griep’s debut is a fresh, original take on a group of fairy-tale familiars. Though Ceci (Cinderella), Bianca (Snow White), Rory (Sleeping Beauty), and Zell (Rapunzel) seem to have it all as princesses of Grimmland, their perfect team is broken up and their storybook happily-ever-afters are rocked to the core when Zell, in a troubling fit of independence, departs Grimmland to manage a unicorn preserve. Forced to question their own stories, the other three pen a series of letter to Zell, revealing a poignant restlessness and dissatisfaction with their own seemingly predetermined fates. As the princesses flit between Grimmland and contemporary Los Angeles, each grapples with timeless questions of love, desire, freedom, and ambition. This fractured fairy tale will appeal to Gregory Maguire devotees as well as fans of television shows like Once Upon A Time and Grimm.