Aug 072014

Cover for Our Lady of the Streets by Tom Pollock. White cover with the title written fancifully in blue. At the base is a blue silhouette of London's skyline, but it is broken and Be prepared to bid a bittersweet goodbye to Beth and her best friend, then… but not before they’ve had one last adventure together. An adventure as incredible as it is desperate; as tragical as it is magical. … The City’s Son, for its part, marked a strong start, and the emergence of an improbably promising new voice in the genre. The Glass Republic—an ingenious inversion of the expectations set by said—proved Tom Pollock was no one-hit wonder. With Our Lady of the Streets, he goes three for three. I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying finale. And sorry as I am to say farewell to Beth and Pen, I’m even more excited to see what this awesome author sets his sights on next.

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