Sep 182013

charbonneau-skatingunderthewireKirkus, Starred Review: Who would kill a sweet, elderly nursing home resident? That’s just one of the problems Rebecca Robbins has to solve now that she’s decided to remain in her hometown of Indian Falls and continue running her mother’s roller rink. As her friend Danielle’s maid of honor, Rebecca must help make sure everything runs smoothly for Danielle, a former exotic dancer who’s marrying a minister with a bossy mother. At Danielle’s bridal shower, Rebecca’s former high school teacher asks her to take a paying job solving the series of Thanksgiving break-ins that have plagued the town for 11 years. Rebecca’s grandfather, an Elvis impersonator, thinks that she’s perfect for the gig since she’s already solved several crimes since moving back home from Chicago (Skating on the Edge, 2012, etc.). Certain as she is that Deputy Sean Holmes will have nothing good to say about her continued sleuthing, Rebecca can’t turn down her teacher. When the body of Ginny, a nursing home client, is found, the police write it off as a natural death, but the autopsy shows she was given a fatal shot of insulin. Although Rebecca’s beginning to gain some respect for the father who deserted her, their history makes it difficult to commit to her boyfriend, Lionel, a hunky vet for large animals who dreams of marriage but disapproves of her sleuthing. Run down by a car, Rebecca escapes serious injury but realizes that she must be close to exposing either a murderer or a thief. When she sets a trap, she can only hope she won’t be the one caught in it. The fourth entry in Charbonneau’s amusing series is her best, combining the usual quirky characters with more romance and a surprising denouement.