Sep 152014

Cover for Takeover by Anna Zabo. Two men, visible from torso to nose, stand stand in fancy modern suits above a nighttime cityscape.Library Journal: This hot, heady title excels in both porn and plot. Recommended for those seeking a solid BDSM-tinged M/M romance with plenty of backstory. Embittered, overworked Michael Sebastian tries to escape the grip of his sinking engineering company for just a week, fleeing to the gay-friendly town of Curacao. He finds himself still living in his head, overthinking and woefully unattached until he meets Sam, a mysterious well-dressed stranger who ends up needing just the punishment Michael has been desperate to give (and then some). They part after their night together, convinced, and disappointed, that they will never meet again. But fate works in mysterious ways, and Michael returns to work to find Sam as the brand-new, closeted “suit” hired to save his company from disrepair. Sam and Michael struggle through a blossoming partnership as colleagues and friends, each wanting something more but unable to pursue it for personal and professional reasons. Zabo offers an engaging narrative that ropes readers in from the beginning, addressing issues of trust, love, sex, and homophobia while also crafting potent sex scenes. The BDSM elements of Sam and Michael’s interactions are depicted in a healthy manner, with communication, safe words, and explicit consent from both parties.