Apr 072020

School Library Journal: Fitz Holton and Juniper Ramirez cross paths while touring colleges, though they have different goals in mind. Fitz would like to stay home and care for his ailing mother, who is encouraging him to get out and experience college, while Juniper is ready to get out of the house where she lives with her five siblings. Juniper heads out with her boyfriend Matt on visits, but once Fitz gets the courage to approach her, Juniper realizes that maybe she and Matt are not meant to be and will continue on different paths after high school. Told in alternating perspectives between Juniper and Fitz, the book takes readers on an adventure touring college campuses in a variety of cities, immersing them in the lives of these young travelers. Juniper is independent and strong-willed, while Fitz is unsure but interested in getting to know her. The advanced vocabulary used by Fitz adds to his wise personality. Readers will get both a lesson in vocabulary and on fate—as well as a reminder not to work against the time we are given.

VERDICT A romance that is sure to entertain and enlighten high school readers.