Jul 142020

Library Journal: Harry Dresden is not a popular wizard in the eyes of the White Council, but he has been tasked with providing security to the senior council members as they join several other coalitions to discuss peace with the signers of the Unseelie Accord. As the Winter Knight, Harry must also liaison for Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, which has placed him further in the crosshairs of the council, his grandfather, Ebenezar McCoy, comes to warn him. As the allies he was living with face an assassin who’s well-known to him, Harry must find a way to keep the talks going while he tries to discover the truth behind the attack, satisfy the players he serves, including the vampire Lara Raith, and make sure that his loved ones survive. Harry has protected his hometown of Chicago from the paranormal for years, but this summit may end up revealing far more than the powers at hand.

VERDICT With many familiar faces returning and lots of magical action, this latest from Butcher will have fans rejoicing at the return of Chicago’s only professional wizard.