May 192021

Tordotcom is thrilled to announce the acquisition of World English rights of The Archive Undying and an additional novel by debut author Emma Mieko Candon by Editor Carl Engle-Laird from Caitlin McDonald at Donald Maass Literary Agency.

The Archive Undying is an epic work of mecha sci-fi about Sunai, the immortal survivor of an Autonomous Intelligence that went mad and destroyed the city it watched over as a patron god. In the aftermath of the divine AI’s suicide, Sunai is on the run from those who would use him, either to resurrect what was lost or as the enslaved pilot of a gargantuan war machine made from his god’s corpse. Trouble catches up with Sunai when he falls into bed with Veyadi, a strange man who recruits him to investigate an undiscovered AI. Sunai draws ever closer to his cursed past, flirting with disaster and his handsome new boyfriend alike.

Emma Mieko Candon is a queer author who writes about devouring ghosts, cursed linguistics, and mediocre robots. Her upcoming novel, Star Wars Visions: Ronin, reimagines the Star Wars mythos through a Japanese lens. Editor by day, escaped academic by night, she is at all hours beholden to the whims of two lopsided cats and grateful for the support of an enviably handsome wife.