Nov 232022

Booklist: Divya’s latest (after Machinehood, 2021) is full of twists and turns to keep readers glued to the pages, with rich worldbuilding that will truly invest them in the character’s fates. MERU transcends genres and will appeal to fans of science fiction, philosophy, and fantasy.

Nov 032022

Publishers Weekly: Empathy convincingly overcomes anxiety in this thoughtful, inventive, and impressively understated space opera from Divya, [who] filters the immensity of outer space through the lens of close personal relationships, crafting compassionate and responsible characters (whatever their physical forms may be) that will surely win over readers.

Nov 012022

Franny Steinberg knows there’s powerful magic in laughter. She’s witnessed it. With the men of Chicago off fighting WWII on distant shores, Franny has watched the women of the city taking charge of the war effort. But amidst the war bond sales and factory shifts, something surprising has emerged, something Franny could never have expected. A new marvel that has women flocking to comedy clubs across the nation: the Showstopper.

When Franny steps into Chicago’s Blue Moon comedy club, she realizes the power of a Showstopper―that specific magic sparked when an audience laughs so hard, they are momentarily transformed. And while each comedian’s Showstopper is different, they all have one thing in common: they only work on women.

After a traumatic flashback propels her onstage in a torn bridesmaid dress, Franny discovers her own Showstopper is something new. And suddenly she has the power to change everything…for herself, for her audience, and for the people who may need it most.

Oct 312022

Finnish rights to Nebula and Hugo Award winner Martha Wells’ ALL SYSTEMS RED and ARTIFICIAL CONDITION, the first and second installments in the New York Times bestselling Murderbot Diaries series, to Hertta Kustannus Oy, by Michael Curry for Jennifer Jackson.

French rights to Nnedi Okorafor’s NOOR, to ActuSF, by Megan Husain at Anna Jarota Agency, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Donald Maass.

German rights to Lara Elena Donnelly’s ARMISTICE and AMNESTY, to Cross Cult in a two-book deal, by Sarah Knofius at Thomas Schlueck Agency, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Caitlin McDonald.

Italian rights to Annika Martin’s JUST NOT THAT INTO BILLIONAIRES and BUTT-DIALING THE BILLIONAIRE, to Triskell in a two-book deal, by Stefania Fietta at Donzelli Fietta, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

Oct 122022

Library Journal: Marino demonstrates his skill as a storyteller, creating empathetic, fleshed-out characters who must fight through the madness that is bearing down on them….

VERDICT Marino is very willing to plumb the depths of human discomfort and nihilistic despair, revealing disturbing images that sear into the brain while showing how art, and sibling bonds, can both create and destroy.

Oct 112022

From the bestselling author of Come with Me, four standalone horror novellas set in a shared universe!

In The Skin of Her Teeth, a cursed novel drives people to their deaths.

A delivery job turns deadly in The Dark Brothers’ Last Ride.

In This Book Belongs to Olo, a lonely child has dangerous control over an usual pop-up book.

A choose-your-own adventure game spirals into an uncanny reality in The Story.

Full of creepy, page-turning suspense, these collected novellas are perfect for fans of Paul Tremblay, Stephen King and Joe Hill.

Oct 052022

Andy Marino’s next novel for adults, THE SWARM, an epic horror novel pitched as THE STAND meets JURASSIC PARK, about an insect apocalypse in which people are being attacked by swarms of out-of-season cicadas, and characters across the country, including a girl who seems to have a growing connection with the bugs, must work together to uncover the horrifying purpose behind the attacks, to Bradley Englert at Redhook, for publication Summer 2024, by Cameron McClure.

Oct 042022

The Larkin siblings are known around the small town of Wofford Falls. Both are artists, but Peter Larkin, Lark to his friends, is the hometown hero. The one who went to the big city and got famous, then came back and settled down. He’s the kind of guy who becomes fast friends with almost anyone. His sister Betsy on the other hand is more… eccentric. She keeps to herself.

When Lark goes to deliver one of his latest pieces to a fabulously rich buyer, it seems like a regular transaction. Even being met at the gate of the sprawling, secluded estate by an intimidating security guard seems normal. Until the guard plays him a live feed: Betsy being abducted in real time.

Lark is informed that she’s safe for now, but her well‑being is entirely in his hands. He’s given a book. Do what the book says, and Betsy will go free.

It seems simple enough. But as Lark begins to read he realizes: the book might be demonic. Its writer may be unhinged. His sister’s captors are almost certainly not what they seem. And his town and those within it are… changing.

And the only way out is through.

Sep 302022

Brazilian rights to Robert Jackson Bennett’s LOCKLANDS, to Morro Branco, by Cristina Purchio at International Editors’, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

Czech rights to Ronald Malfi’s BLACK MOUTH, to Dobrovsky, by Lola Dunton at Prava I Prevodi, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

French rights to Robert Jackson Bennett’s CITY OF BLADES and CITY OF MIRACLES, to Gilles Dumay at Albin Michel, in a two-book deal, by Megan Husain at Anna Jarota Agency, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

French rights to Lavanya Lakshminarayan’s ANALOG/VIRTUAL AND OTHER SIMULATIONS OF YOUR FUTURE, to Hachette Livre by Megan Husain at Anna Jarota Agency, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier for Cameron McClure.

Taiwanese rights to Robert Jackson Bennett’s LOCKLANDS, to Apex by Gray Tan at The Grayhawk Agency, on behalf of Katie Shea Boutillier at Donald Maass Literary Agency, for Cameron McClure.