Dec 162022
ANYONE, and the forthcoming I DIDN’T DO IT, Jaime Lynn Hendricks fourth domestic thriller, EVERYONE IS LYING, about a woman who marries and builds a perfect life with her best friend’s boyfriend until the friend’s adult daughter arrives questioning her paternity, and implicates the woman in a decades old murder, to Luisa Cruz Smith at Scarlet, in a nice deal, by Anne Tibbets.


Dec 152022
Author photo of Kate Heartfield.

Photo courtesy of John W. MacDonald.

Author of THE EMBROIDERED BOOK Kate Heartfield’s THE VALKYRIE, pitched as retelling of the myth about the valkyrie Brynhild and her love for a Burgundian princess; THE CHATELAINE, a revised edition of the Aurora Award-winning ARMED IN HER FASHION; and THE SHARP SISTERS, about four sisters with the second sight during World War II, to Jane Johnson at Voyager UK, in a three-book deal, for publication in March 2023, May 2023, and 2025, by Jennie Goloboy.

Dec 132022

Finley Turner’s debut THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY, when a woman becomes the primary suspect of a murder at her very own engagement party, she must come to terms with her secrets in order to prove her innocence, to Holly Ingraham at Crooked Lane, for publication in November 2023, by Katie Shea Boutillier.

Dec 092022

New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison sold a new Hollows novel, DEMONS BLUFF, to follow Summer 2023’s DEMONS OF GOOD AND EVIL, featuring witch-born demon Rachel Morgan in an alternate United States where humans and supernatural beings exist side-by-side. Anne Sowards at Ace Books acquired world rights in a six-figure deal for two books negotiated with Jennifer Jackson.

Nov 092022

Photo credit: Brian Adams

Adele Buck’s HEARTS ON FIRE, in which an English professor tries to torch her ex-boyfriend’s piano after a problematic attempt at winning her back and falls for the firefighter who answers the 911 call, to John Jacobson at a new unnamed imprint at Harlequin, in a three-book deal, by Katie Shea Boutillier.

Nov 022022

Alison Romig at Delacorte has bought, in a preempt, debut author Matthew Hubbard’s Last Boyfriends, a YA coming of age novel pitched as Heartstopper meets The First Wives Club, featuring three queer teenage boys in small-town Alabama who set out to get revenge on their ex-boyfriends and end up fighting their school’s anti-LGBTQ+ initiatives, and a second untitled book. Publication is slated for summer 2024; Katie Shea Boutillier brokered the deal for world English rights.

Oct 212022

New York times bestseller Anne Bishop’s THE LADY IN GLASS and Other Stories, a collection including her short fiction to date, among which are some rare early pieces and an all new never before seen story, to Anne Sowards at Ace in an exclusive submission by Jennifer Jackson for publication in Spring 2024.

Oct 192022

Credit: Gracemarie Photography

Liz Alterman’s SAD SACKED, originally published by Audible Originals, a humorous, poignant memoir that chronicles the 17-month period after both the author and her husband, long-time media professionals, unexpectedly lost their jobs within six weeks of one another, to Jessica Bell at Vine Leaves, by Katie Shea Boutillier.

Oct 072022
Nebula Award finalist Suzan Palumbo’s COUNTESS, a space opera pitched as a queer Caribbean Count of Monte Cristo, in which a betrayed Captain is set on a journey of revenge against the interplanetary Empire that has subjugated her people for generations, to Jenifer Albert at ECW Press, for publication in Spring 2024, by Michael Curry.
Oct 052022

Andy Marino’s next novel for adults, THE SWARM, an epic horror novel pitched as THE STAND meets JURASSIC PARK, about an insect apocalypse in which people are being attacked by swarms of out-of-season cicadas, and characters across the country, including a girl who seems to have a growing connection with the bugs, must work together to uncover the horrifying purpose behind the attacks, to Bradley Englert at Redhook, for publication Summer 2024, by Cameron McClure.