Feb 022018

Cover of Lake Silence by Anne Bishop.Publishers Weekly: The sixth installment of Bishop’s paranormal series (after 2017’s Etched in Bone), set in an alternate upstate New York, constitutes a fresh take on a series concept…It is a standalone thriller, set near a village called Sproing in the Finger Lakes.

New to the cast is narrator Vicki DeVine, who, unlike past protagonists, is an ordinary human woman. Recently divorced from an abusive wheeler-dealer, she has come to Lake Silence to renovate the property that constituted her settlement. The Jumble is exactly that: a dilapidated sprawl of buildings, abandoned by humans but not by the world’s supernatural predators, the Others. Vicki plans to reopen it as a modest resort until a body is discovered on her land.

Abruptly, this unassuming, hesitant woman must cope with a police investigation as well as a conspiracy by developers to seize the Jumble. Many core elements of prior plots are intact, notably the Others’ inevitable dominance…but the pleasures of these books have always lain in worldbuilding and character growth. Centering these on a woman liberating herself (personally and professionally) from abuse makes this episode unexpectedly timely.

Jan 312018

Hungarian rights to New York Times best-selling author Jim Butcher’s STORM FRONT, FOOL MOON, and GRAVE PERIL, the first three books in the Dresden Files series, to Delta Vision KFT via Milena Kaplaveric at Prava I Prevodi in association with Jennifer Jackson.

Korean rights to Yoon Ha Lee’s Hugo- and Nebula-nominated NINEFOX GAMBIT and its first sequel RAVEN STRATAGEM, to East-Asia Publishing Co., by Jackie Yang at Eric Yang Agency in association with Jennifer Jackson and Michael Curry.

Russian rights to the Nebula and Hugo Award winner for Best Novella, Nnedi Okorafor’s BINTI, to Career Press, by Alexander Korzhenevski Agency in association with Katie Shea Boutillier.

Jan 192018

Congratulations to the DMLA authors nominated for a 2017 RT Award!

Urban Fantasy Worldbuilding:
Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop

SF Novel:
All Systems Red by Martha Wells
The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden
The Will to Battle by Ada Palmer

Fantasy Novel:
Winter Tide by Ruthanna Emrys

Young Adult Fantasy:
Akata Warrior by Nnedi Okorafor

Book of the Year:
The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden

Jan 182018

Cover of I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest.B&N Teen Blog: On a scale of red Chucks to katanas this badass book is a ninja princess.

The story’s plot line is just as jam packed and exciting as Seattle, the Starbucks-powered city in which the book is set. From reading comic books on the playground to scouring the city for clues in order to locate her dead best friend, Libby lives a life as action-filled as Princess X herself. The gorgeous illustrations made me feel like a little kid again reading comics in a couch fort.

I would recommend this book to adventure-seeking princesses, ninja-obsessed coffee drinkers, and murder mystery lovers.

Jan 052018

Cover of The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden.LA Times: Nicky Drayden’s debut novel takes place in a future South Africa where robots have made life easier. The problem is the robots are starting to gain sentience, and it’s only a matter of time before they rebel.

This book has a lot going on; it’s told from multiple individual points of view, seemingly disparate stories that come together as the book progresses… Drayden takes her story in unexpected directions, with unrepentant action and a surprising amount of depth. This book certainly isn’t for everyone; it’s definitely strange and unexpected, with plot twists and turns along the way. If weird is something you enjoy in a read, then you’ll likely appreciate “The Prey of Gods,” one of the most inventive debut novels of 2017.

Jan 022018

Cover of Neogenesis by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.The Complex Logic Laws were the result of a war waged hundreds of years in the past, when two human powers threw massive AI navies at each other and nearly annihilated themselves. Being human, they blamed their tools for this near miss; they destroyed what was left of the sentient ships, and made it illegal to be, manufacture, or shelter an independent logic.

Strangely, however, the Free Ships and other AIs did not turn themselves in or commit suicide, they merely became wary of humans, and stayed under their scans. A clandestine support network grew up, including hidden yards where smart ships were manufactured, and mentors–humans specially trained to ease a new intelligence into the universe–socialized them, and taught them what they needed to know to survive.

Among those with a stake in the freedom of Independent Logics is Theo Waitley, who is somewhat too famously the captain of intelligent ship Bechimo. Theo’s brother, Val Con yos’Phelium, presides over a household that has for a generation employed an AI butler. Recently, he approved the “birth” of the butler’s child, who was sent, with human mentor Tolly Jones, to rescue or destroy an orphaned AI abandoned at a remote space station.

Then there’s Uncle, the shadowy mastermind from the Old Universe, whose many projects often skirt the boundaries of law, both natural and man-made – and the puppet-masters at the Lyre Institute, whose history is just as murky – and a good deal less honorable.

All have an interest in the newly-awakening Self-Aware Logic that is rumored to have the power to destroy universes.

The question is: Who will get to it first?

Dec 312017

a pair of black ear budsAudio rights to Hugo-winning Elizabeth Bear’s STONE MAD, a sequel to her acclaimed novel Karen Memory, to Brian Sweany at Recorded Books, by Jennifer Jackson and Michael Curry.

Dec 222017

Cover of The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden.Book Riot: Congratulations to Nicky Drayden on The Prey of Gods making Book Riot’s Best Books of 2017!

Blending urban fantasy and science fiction, this South Africa-set novel is packed with wild, raucous fun: demigods reclaim their powers, robots rise up, a new club drug gives humans godlike abilities, a trans politician embraces her inner diva, queer teens fall for each other, a dik-dik infestation gets adorably out of control, and more.

Thanks to a rip-roaring story and Drayden’s expansive imagination, it all coheres into the most fun you can have in 2017.

Dec 192017

Cover of An Amish Arrangement by Jo Ann Brown.Jeremiah Stoltzfus hopes the Amish community of Harmony Creek will provide a fresh start…until days before closing on his new farm, he finds a beautiful trespasser. Mercy Bamberger claims the property is hers, promised by her late grossdawdi. Jeremiah can’t turn out the single mom and her daughter, nor can he leave. His solution: temporarily sharing the farm until ownership is settled. Once a city kid adopted by a Mennonite family, Mercy yearns to make the farm a haven for unwanted children. But living beside the handsome Amish farmer has her yearning for everything that’s eluded her…laughter, love and a forever family.